Local products and Heritage

Beaurières is a small municipality situated East of the department of the Drôme district at the far end of the Valley and just before the Cabre Pass.

The village only counts 80 permanent inhabitants, almost more in the summer …

It is a real peace haven  … The wild nature is very present such as local products

Vélos dans la Drôme
Randonnées dans la Drôme

From Chanteduc:

4 circuits of looped rides are available.

From 1.5 km to 10 km, these outings provide the opportunity of taking a good breath of pure mountain air but also to be amazed by at the local flora and fauna  …

Deers and Hinds are sometimes seen on the site of Chanteduc.

Some rides in electric bikes will be also proposed in partnership with a local bike rental. It is also possible to go to visit a cattle farm and to taste local products there.
For the bravest, a magnificent hike carries us up to the « Marais des Bouligons », a sanctuary area.


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